Barrel Man

“Danger” Dave Whitmoyer

David Whitmoyer, also known as “Danger Dave” in the arena is a professional rodeo clown and specialty act from Montana.  He and his wife Kelly, and their daughter Annabelle live in the Bitterroot Valley of western Montana on a small farm where they raise cattle and live mostly off what they grow on the farm!  Milking cows, gathering eggs, harvesting the fruit orchard, and irrigating all goes into a days work on the Whitmoyer place!  When they are not on the farm they are usually chasing a rodeo somewhere in America, entertaining crowds from Coast to Coast with high energy performances, crazy antics and jokes, and of course an amazing trailer load of trained animals!  Danger is a 2X PRCA Circuit Finals Entertainer and in 2016 was one of 15 guys nominated for PRCA Comedy Act of the Year!  Thanks to Dow Agro Sciences for supporting Danger Dave over the past 5 years, without support from people and organizations like Dow, we couldn’t go down the road and do what we love!