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2023 Specialty Acts & Personalities

Bobby Kerr 'the Mustang Man'

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Three-time PRCA Specialty Act of the Year and 2021 Entertainer of the Year, Bobby Kerr 'the Mustang Man' will be performing in Belle Fourche in 2023!

His journey training mustangs started in 2011 in Fort Worth, Texas where he took part in the Mustang Makeover.

“120 days you pick up a wild horse, and then you go compete against everybody else 120 days later, and it paid like 50 grand, and only four months worth of work. And so I tried it. And if you make the finals, you get to do a freestyle, three-and-a-half minute freestyle,” Kerr said.

The secret to his success? Trust.

"It's just a different type of horsemanship, not old school. Like I said, You got to build a relationship. And these wild horses, you know, once you gain their trust and become their buddies, they'll do almost anything for you if you treat them right. And that's basically my as my whole deal," he said.

Kerr and his mustang buddies will show off new moves each night.

“Some horsemanship, lead changes and spins and shooting and the lay down, I got an old car, we'll jump over some fire, jump over the car. I got some dogs, you know, the dog leads me and my horse. And we'll do a little cutting horse routine with the dogs. There's a little something for everybody," Kerr said.

Kerr hopes rodeo-goers will stop by and chat with him after his performances about his mustangs.

The Misfit Cowboy - Brian Patton

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There is a cowboy in Louisiana who likes to saddle up and go for a ride, but it is not on a horse. We would like to introduce you to the Misfit Cowboy.

“Just in that six or seven-minute time period I have doing my specialty act-- one, I can make them forget about their daily problems. They come to the rodeo and just have a good time.”

Brian Patton has a passion for making people smile, and he does just that when he makes his way into the arena as the Misfit Cowboy.

He has bridled a Brahman named Django. His entrance act sparks quite the reaction from those in the stands. He has also lasso’d a longhorn that he ropes and rides. That would be Roscoe.

“We’ll come out, and I’ll put Roscoe on a pedestal, a little 2x2 box, and we’ll do some pistol spinning, fire some Colt 45’s off. You know just make a lot of noise, little smoke,” Patton states. “I guess the main selling point of Roscoe is what I do is I put him on the roof of my forty-foot trailer.”

Powder River Rodeo

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Once again this year world-class livestock will be provided by Hank and Lori Franzen of Powder River Rodeo and D&H Cattle Company. They will bring NFR bucking stock to challenge our cowboy athletes. The Black Hills Roundup has a 34 year relationship with Powder River, and we truly value them as partners.

Rodeo Announcer Steve Goedert

Steve Goedert returns to the Black Hills Roundup in 2022. “I can’t tell you what an absolute honor it is to be a part of this rodeo. If you announce rodeo and you think of the 4th of July, there are few places you’d rather be than Belle Fourche," says Goedert.

The BHR crow’s nest is not unfamiliar territory to Steve. He announced two events at the Roundup grounds for the Pro Roughstock Series (PRS) six years ago. During his time with the PRS he worked closely with Scott Reder, then Production Director with the PRS, who has also been a long-time member of the Roundup committee.

Steve is a former United States Marine and graduate of CSU Chico with a degree in Ag Business, Steve has always had a passion for ranching. Raised in a ranching community and following in his Grandfather's footsteps, he knew he wanted to be an auctioneer at an early age. Steve has spent most of his life in sale barns and working cattle. Steve performs multiple sales a week for Beaverhead Livestock Auction and Montana Livestock Auction Company.

Steve resides in Southwest Montana with his wife and three children.

Professional Rodeo Announcer Andy Seiler

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Professional Rodeo Announcer Andy Seiler has never met a stranger. His passion and love for the sport of rodeo combined with his broadcast journalism degree make his career choice as a rodeo announcer a winning combination. Seiler has announced all over the country in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) and has been called “an up-and-coming voice for professional rodeo,” by Boyd Polhamus. “I have always enjoyed talking to people and discussing everything rodeo,” Andy explains. “I just never knew that the years of roping the dummy and working to be a champion translate later in life in trying to give contestants and fans alike that same winning feeling.”

Andy’s first-hand knowledge and experience will keep your crowd tuning into the action to see what exciting development will unfold next. A former National High School Finals Champion Team Roper and a three-time qualifier to the College National Finals Rodeo, Andy has been able to win at multiple levels and now enjoys describing the joy of victory and the heartbreak of defeat to rodeo spectators nationwide. “I truly enjoy being a part of an industry that embodies an American icon that is the cowboy,” Seiler says. “I grew up on a farm, loving the honesty, toughness, and the integrity that comes with the ranching and farming way of life and today’s contestants keep that tradition of yesterday alive.”

The announcer of the rodeo is essential in making sure fans are not only informed, but that they are enjoying their time spent in a family-safe environment. Seiler is a husband and a father who knows the importance of telling the tale for all ages and generations to enjoy, because a repeat customer is a winner for everyone. If you are looking to ways to make your event grow into the future, make sure you have a commentator who knows what the future of your event can be. Former NIRA Commissioner John Smith said, “I honestly believe Andy will be one of the best recognized announcers in the sport of rodeo.” Andy Seiler is willing and able to make sure that his talents and resume match up to the needs of your next event.

Platinum Sound & Effects

Laney Newman - PRCA Music Director

For over 10 years, Laney Newman has brought sports events to life through the sound of music. A proud born and raised Texan, rodeo was all he knew growing up and it still remains that way today. “As a full time music director and production manager, traveling and working live events still fulfills me just as much as ever. I love this job because of what we are able to give back to the fans, but most of all, all the wonderful people I get to work with along the way. I have met some of the best friends in my life through this amazing opportunity god has blessed me with, and I am forever grateful.” Said Newman

Newman has been selected to mix the Junior World Finals in Las Vegas 5 times, the United Professional Rodeo Association Finals, the Cowboys Professional Rodeo Association finals 3 times, and the WSTR Open Finale in Las Vegas.

RodeoReady Official PRCA Photographer

Clay Guardipee, a Montana native who now hangs his hat in Mitchell, South Dakota, is a three-time NFR Photographer. He joined the PRCA in 2019. When he's not photographing rodeos, he can be found doing family, senior, engagement and wedding sessions. In 2021, Clay was nominated in the Top 5 for PRCA Photographer of the Year. Clay is the owner of RodeoReady which features photography and Native American beadwork. Visit www.rodeoreadyshop.com for more information.

LIVE VIDEO REPLAYS - Frost View Productions

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This year at the Black Hills Roundup we welcome Frost View Productions! They specialize in creating the WOW factor through live feeds and instant replays! Bringing you a close-up view of the action on their large LED video board.

FrostView Productions is a family-owned and operated business located in central Iowa. From the youngest family member to the oldest, everyone pitches in to make sure everything is just right.

And sponsors, don’t miss this chance to have your business displayed in grand style to the thousands of fans who annually attend!
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