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Charity for those in need
Help for our neighbors
Hope for our community
In 2009, the Black Hills Roundup established Chutes for Charity. This non-profit extension of the Roundup helps local families face life-changing events; 100% of the funds profited go directly to recipients in our local area. Chutes for Charity donations are made through an application process. Fundraisers are conducted throughout the year and Chutes for Charity also receives cash donations to support its efforts.


Chutes for Charity uses the following criteria for reviewing applications. For more information on submitting an application, please email chutes4charity@gmail.com.
• Recipient is facing life-changing circumstances
• Priorities for funding are medical situations and associated travel
• Not a priority are utility and similar bills
• Financial need is not a consideration
• Recipient lives in a community surrounding Belle Fourche.
MORE THAN 350 NEIGHBORS have received in
EXCESS OF $475,000 from Chutes for Charity


Chutes for Charity conducts numerous fundraisers throughout the year to help our community assist us as they are able, and spend time with their neighbors. We also receive cash donations from individuals, groups and businesses. If you would like to make a contribution email chutes4charity@gmail.com.


Chutes for Charity has several fundraising events during the year. One of the most popular is Progressive Bingo during the fall and winter. This is a great family event where a few dollars can mean a lot!

A golf tournament is typically held in June.

Events are announced on the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/chutesforcharity

Chutes for Charity Officers

Denise Adams – President
Lorrie Kimball – Vice President
Rhonda Schmidt – Secretary
Bev Watson – Treasurer

For More Information

PO Box 2014
Belle Fourche, SD 57717
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